Connect Abstract Book Is Online

The abstract book for the 2021 Cord Blood Connect international congress is now online.

The book, published as a supplement to this month’s issue of STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, contains the scientific and technical abstracts that will be presented as “e-posters” at the virtual congress that opens on Thursday this week, Sept 23.


The typical 4’ x 8’ posters pinned to cork boards at an in-person meeting don’t adapt well to a computer screen. So the authors of the accepted abstracts this year have prepared and narrated PowerPoint presentations of not more than five minutes.  These e-posters will be accessible on demand, and questions and comments can be submitted to the authors via an e-mail link.

Best Abstracts

As in past years, an abstracts review committee selected several for Best Abstract awards. The authors of three award-winning abstracts will give oral presentations of their research on Day Two of the congress, Sept 30. Check the agenda for the time in your location.

Recipients of the Best Abstracts award include Dr. Karen Abberton and colleagues at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and BMDI Cord Blood Bank in Melbourne. She describes the process of reconsenting for the purpose of generating induced pluripotent stem cells from previously banked cord blood units.

Two other Best Abstract awards were based on Duke University studies reporting outcomes in children treated using cord blood or cord tissue for pediatric neurologic injury. One of these is from Dr. Jessica Sun and colleagues who report the outcomes of a randomized Phase II trial using umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue mesenchymal stromal cells in children with cerebral palsy.

The other is from Colleen McLaughlin and colleagues, providing an update on the Expanded Access Protocol of umbilical cord blood infusion for children with neurological conditions. Both Duke studies involve large numbers of participants, providing important knowledge about treatment outcomes.

AlphaMed Press

CBA’s official journal, STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, is published by AlphaMed Press. This is the fourth year that the publishing company has produced the abstract journal supplement at no cost to the association.