Expanding the Cord Blood Bank’s Portfolio

A series of provocative questions will be at the center of a session on expanding the products and services of cord blood banks, part of the 2022 Cord Blood Connect international congress:

  • How can we make banks more relevant for families, both healthy and sick?
  • Which growth strategies have been working and which ones have not?
  • How can consolidation of cord blood banks contribute to a stronger industry?
  • Is consolidation important for the industry?
  • What are some of our self-inflicted wounds?
  • What is deterring industry growth?


“I’m honored to be chairing this important session about long-term sustainability strategies for cord blood banks, said Roberto Waddington, CEO and Country Manager of CryoHoldco Brazil.  He will be joined by Nicoletta Sacchi of the Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Arun Prasath of the Singapore Cord Blood Bank, and Peter Bawin of Cord Blood Registry.

The overview agenda for the 2022 Cord Blood Connect international congress can be accessed on the CBA website. After two years of virtual meetings, this year’s in-person congress will offer the latest advances in technology and therapies, in-service technical training and education, posters, exhibits, interactive panel discussions, social events, networking and more.