Innovations: from Concept to Market

How are cord blood or cord tissue products and therapies brought to market? What are the barriers and hurdles – perceived and real – and how are they overcome?

These and other questions about pathways from innovation to commercialization will be discussed by a panel representing clinical investigators, industry and investors on the first day of the Cord Blood Connect international congress, Sept. 10.


The mid-day forum, “Translating Cord Blood Innovation Outside of Academia” will be chaired by Colleen Delaney, MD, MSc, CBA vice president, and founder and chief scientific officer of Deverra Therapeutics.  The panel moderator will be John Wagner, Jr., MD, professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota.

“Today we are seeing tremendous promise in cord blood and cord tissue-derived products and therapies,” Dr. Delaney said. “The panel will explain the commercialization steps outside of academia. It promises to be a very interactive session, with panelists sharing their experiences and answering questions from congress participants around the world.”

The panel will include principal investigators representing Phase I and II early-stage clinical development, as well as those nearing submission of a biologics license application to the FDA. A representative of venture capital will describe what attracts interest and investment in an emerging product.

The session on innovation and commercialization will be live-streamed on the first day of the congress, Sept. 10, beginning at 12:35 pm EST in the United States, 5:35 pm BST in the U.K., and 6:35 pm CEST in central Europe.

The complete Cord Blood Connect agenda can be accessed online.