Much Familiar, Some Quite Different

As a virtual event this year, Cord Blood Connect will in many ways be familiar, but in others quite different.

The 2021 international congress has been configured to make the best use of the virtual environment. A number of innovations that were introduced last year will enhance this year’s online experience, enabling the cord blood community to share information, advance cord blood and perinatal tissue banking and therapies, and stay connected.


Among the familiar components will be the scientific sessions, presenting leading-edge clinical and laboratory investigations, and the technology and education sessions that share methods and advances in cord blood and perinatal tissue banking.

But there will be positive differences:

Footprint.  Instead of consecutive days, the virtual conference will be presented in two parts, with an intervening week. The conference will convene all day Thursday, Sept. 23, and then adjourn and resume the next Thursday, Sept. 30.

  • Rationale. Consecutive days at a computer screen can be difficult, tiring and intrusive on work schedules in the office, clinic, laboratory or cord blood bank. Separating the days proved to be very popular last year.

Brevity. The presentations will be condensed. What might be 20-30 minutes at an in-person meeting will be collapsed to 12-15 minutes.

  • Rationale. Sitting through long online presentations can be tedious.

Posters. Authors of accepted abstracts have prepared “e-Posters,” narrated PowerPoint presentations of not more than five minutes.  The e-posters will be accessible on demand. Questions and comments can be submitted to the authors via an e-mail link.

  • Rationale. The traditional poster hall with rows of 4’ x 8’ posters pinned to cork boards can’t be well adapted to the computer screen. Even when zooming to enlarge, the typography can be fuzzy and difficult to navigate.

Exhibits. The “virtual exhibits” will include video, PowerPoint presentations, on-demand printouts – nearly anything digital. The exhibits will be located outside of the registration “pay wall” so visitors won’t necessarily have to be congress registrants.

  • Rationale. With the exhibits outside the registration “pay wall,” companies can refer customers and clients to their exhibit from links in their website, social media and e-mail promotions throughout the year.

Access for 12 Months. Everything presented in the webcasts will be available to registrants on demand through next August. Registered attendees will have unlimited access for 12 months.

  • Rationale. Because there is so much to consume during the live-stream webcasts, the year-long availability will enable congress registrants to attend or replay at their convenience.

Accessibility. Attending Cord Blood Connect will never be easier or more economical.

  • Rationale. Registrants can attend without leaving home or work. And never more economically with no costs for travel, lodging, meals or time away from the office, clinic or lab.


The $160 USD registration fee includes the two days of live-stream webcasts and unlimited access to all congress components for 12 months.