Platform Technology for Cell & Gene Therapy

To achieve its full therapeutic potential, cord blood needs to be positioned as a platform technology for the development of cell and gene therapies.

“Our session at Cord Blood Connect will explore how cord blood banks can diversify and expand the potential of their valuable inventories to prepare themselves to participate in platform technologies,” said Donna Regan, director of customer-ready products at the National Marrow Donor Program|BeTheMatch.


She will be chairing a session that explains platform technology, a term commonly known in computer software, where developers are connected to both sources and end users. “This association creates a system that leverages the strengths of all partners. In the case of cellular therapy relationships, that would include research, development, clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, commercialization, service, support and distribution.

“The platform provides speed, agility and ultimately new therapies to treat patients with a variety of debilitating conditions,” she said.

The session, “Cord Blood as a Platform Technology – Supporting Emerging Cell and Gene Therapies” is scheduled for 3:30 pm Saturday, Sept. 10.