Preparing for, Surviving in Time of Crisis

Could your bank function through a military invasion? A tsunami? A nuclear accident?

Hear from panelists who have prepared for and survived severe interruptions of banking operations, including military conflict and man-made and natural-disaster calamities.


Yaroslav Issakov, founder and managing partner of the Hemafund cord blood bank, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, will chair the session on “Banking in Times of Crisis.” When Russia invaded the Ukrainian capital city this past February, enemy troops advanced within six miles of the CBA-member bank. Personnel at the bank were in peril. Some were evacuated. Some found routes to safety. Some stood their ground, sheltering themselves and protecting their families and the bank’s inventory.

Other panelists will be Minoko Takanashi of the Japanese Red Cross who will relate experiences during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and Nelson Chao of Duke University who will report on an emergency response network to be activated in the event of a nuclear accident or attack.

In addition to hearing their first-hand experience, you’ll want to attend this plenary session to ask your own questions about their preparations and disaster mitigation. The session is scheduled for 10:30 am on Saturday, Sept. 10.