Registries Do More Than List Cells

Registries do more than just list donor stem cell sources. They play the role of active protagonist, partnering with cord blood banks and transplant centers to expedite delivery, reduce time to transplant and evaluate alternative graft sources to optimize long-term outcomes.

Successful collaboration with donor stem cell registries will be just one of the sessions at the 2020 Cord Blood Connect international congress on Sept. 10 and 17.


With their vast network and menu of services, registries have resource-related expertise to support both the supply and demand sides of cord blood transplant. “We listen to and connect with both our cord blood bank partners and the clinical community,” said the session’s chair, Irina Evseeva, MD, PhD, head of specialist services at the Anthony Nolan registry in the United Kingdom. “Registries are uniquely positioned to share information, identify challenges and help address and solve problems.

“Our session will include speakers and panelists representing the World Marrow Donor Association, and U.S., Canadian and U.K. cord blood banks and stem cell registries. In the one-hour session we’ll use case studies to Illustrate recent cord blood bank and transplant center challenges and how registries have helped solve them,” Dr. Evseeva said.

“We will equip bank personnel attending the session with some tactics that enhance the value of their units, and will show transplant center representatives how to streamline their cord blood unit selection.”

The session on registries will be live-streamed on the first day of the congress, Sept. 10, beginning at 1:55 pm EST in the United States, 6:55 pm BST in the U.K., and 7:55 pm CEST in central Europe.